ARgon for Email

Clearswift's ARgon for Email, is a new, world first adaptive data loss prevention (DLP) solution. ARgon enables organizations to bring Adaptive Data Loss Prevention functionality to their existing infrastructure.

ARgon automatically removes sensitive data and embedded malicious content as it passes in and out of a company network; removing only the exact content that breaks policy and enabling the rest of the communication to continue unhindered, safe in the knowledge that critical information is protected.

  • Simple to implement adaptive security – essential for the collaborative organization 
  • Delivers unique, award winning adaptive redaction technology within any existing email security infrastructure, no ‘rip and replace’ required
  • Eliminates the pain of ‘stop and block’ by removing only the toxic data, yet allows the required communication to continue unhindered, reducing false positives

ARgon can be used in environments with no DLP solution or to augment an existing one. In both cases, ARgon removes next generation information threats from both inbound and outbound email. For those with an existing DLP solution, ARgon reduces the false positives by automatically removing the content which would cause the DLP solution to ‘stop & block’ the communication.

ARgon for Email – straightforward, rapidly realized Data Loss Prevention for everyone. Contact us today to discuss what ARgon can do for your organization.