Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway

Sensitive data is leaked via incoming and outgoing email communications which can pose significant threats to your organization. The Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway (SEG) is the market leading solution for securing your email communications, enabling your organization to balance the need to protect critical information with the ability to continuously collaborate.

The SECURE Email Gateway is available with our unique, award winning, Adaptive Redaction technology and is a core component of our Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP) solution which enables secure collaboration by automatically removing the sensitive data and/or malicious content that breaks policy allowing the rest of the communication to continue.

Full technical specification and product functionality can be found in our datasheet.

World-class inbound threat protection

The Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway comes with a choice of AV engines from Sophos or Kaspersky utilizing Cloud-based lookups and heuristics to supplement traditional signature downloads delivering superior virus protection.

Active code detection and sanitization also helps to detect and sanitize zero-hour malware found in PDF, Office files and scripts.

A layered Anti-spam solution utilises real-time lookups for URL/IP reputation filtering, Greylisting, Real time block list, spam signatures, message authentication using SPF, DKIM and DMARC. This delivers exceptional spam and phishing detection which can be blocked, delivered to a users personal quarantine or simply sanitized to render the messages completely safe.  End users can also report back any missed spam using the free Outlook spam reporter.

Encryption for maximum email security

With TLS as standard, and cost options to provide either S/MIME, PGP and password protected files or Web portal-based encryption, the Email Gateway offers a variety of options to cater for customer requirements. Whichever you choose, the Gateway allows sensitive data to be delivered securely, in seconds, using the optimal format for the recipient.

Flexible deployment options

You decide how you want to buy and deploy the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway, either as a pre-installed hardware appliance, as a software image that can be loaded on a choice of hardware platforms, or alternatively virtualized in a VMware / Hyper-V environment. It is also available to be deployed in a Public Cloud including Amazon Web Services or Azure or hosted by one Clearswiftís hosting partners providing you with ultimate flexibility to suit your organizationís needs.