Clearswift SECURE Exchange Gateway

The Clearswift SECURE Exchange Gateway enables organizations to apply data loss prevention policies to internal email communications.

This solution can identify and prevent policy violations and can stop sensitive or inappropriate data from being shared internally and externally by monitoring incoming and outgoing email traffic.

The SECURE Exchange Gateway is available with our unique, award winning, Adaptive Redaction technology which enables secure collaboration by automatically removing the sensitive data and/or malicious content that breaks policy allowing the rest of the communication to continue.

Full technical specification and product functionality can be found in our datasheet.

Data loss prevention monitor mode

The monitor mode within the Clearswift SECURE Exchange Gateway (SXG) enables organizations to test data loss prevention policies without impacting message flow. Copies of messages are processed by the SXG platform and the results used to identify if and where issues exist within email content or whether the DLP policy needs adjusting to prevent false positives.

Internal communication management

The Clearswift SECURE Exchange Gateway ensures that internal email correspondence on your Exchange 2010, 2013 or 2016 deployments matches the confidentiality and compliance policies of your organization. Messages that contain certain violations can be quarantined for manual inspection, or the offending content can be removed through the use of Adaptive Redaction. With critical information protection starting within the organization, malicious and or accidental data leakage is further mitigated.

World-class inbound threat protection

The Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway comes with a option of AV engines from Sophos or Kaspersky utilizing Cloud-based lookups and heuristics to supplement traditional signature downloads delivering superior virus protection.

Active code detection and sanitization also helps to detect and sanitize zero-hour malware found in PDF, Office files and scripts.