MIMEsweeper for SMTP

If you need up-to-date deep content inspection and filtering, we suggest you investigate the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway first - our comprehensive, cutting edge solution which is built on MIMEsweeper technology.


Clearswift MIMEsweeper for SMTP was built using the same MIMEsweeper content-aware filtering technology that powers the Clearswift SECURE Gateways, but is packaged as software designed to run on the Windows Server platform.

Incoming and outgoing emails are checked for viruses, malware and content confidentiality. Clearswift MIMEsweeper for SMTP performs deep analysis on attachments, detecting and examining content even in embedded files. By default, attempts to evade scanning using password-protected files or unauthorized encryption are blocked so no content evades, preventing circumvention of Clearswift MIMEsweeper for SMTP.