GDPR Compliance

Discover, Secure and Govern

Ensure compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) without costly disruptions to your data flow and business operations.

GDPR’s unification of data protection standards across the European Union has raised the privacy bar on personal data by requiring organizations to locate, understand its purpose and appropriately secure it —no matter where it lives or how it is shared.

Clearswift helps global organizations comply with GDPR with an unprecedented
level of real-time data visibility, intelligent policy enforcement and adaptive security. 

Preparing for GDPR – regulation overview and technology strategy

Driving GDPR Compliance: Discover, Secure and Govern

Data Visibility

You can’t protect want you can’t see. Discover personal data distributed and hidden on servers, desktops/notebooks, and network shares, while inspecting information before it leaves your organization through email, web, social media and cloud storage and collaboration apps. Be confident you protect all exit points and all instances are removed when a “right to be erasure” is requested.

Intelligent Policy Enforcement 

Not all data, access and sharing rights are created equal. Intelligent policies can be applied consistently across all channels and based on GDPR geo, data type (i.e. national security, child protection, healthcare, etc.), purpose conditions and required security treatment.

Adaptive Security

Security to order, without the headaches. Adaptive security applied in real-time based on specific GDPR policy, whether it calls for automated redaction, encryption, blocking, moving or deleting.  Clearswift’s unique Adaptive Redaction technology makes GDPR enforcement a practical reality for most organization by removing only the required personal data from being shared, allowing the rest of the digital activity to continue without business disruption and false positives. Complete protection that goes unnoticed from the end user.    


Stay calm and comply on. Whether you are the Data Protection Officer (DPO), compliance manager or IT security professional, you will be provided complete visibility into reports, policy violations, quarantined data, logs, etc. Clearswift’s unique track and trace capability not only enables real-time policy and adaptive security enforcement, but enables violation/breach analysis to identify loss of personal data, sources and exposure required for notifications.

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