Discover, secure and manage your critical information

With Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP) from Clearswift

For almost a decade organizations have been implementing data loss prevention technologies to minimize the movement of their critical information to external individuals and companies that don’t or shouldn’t have authorization to access this sensitive data.

Data loss prevention diagram

Today, access to organization’s critical information has never been more prolific, with or without malicious intent; via the increased adoption of the Internet, web tools and the automation of commercial operations via collaboration tools such as email, web, social media and IM, amongst others.

The realization of these technological advancements breaking down barriers of information accessibility, has led to regulatory bodies across the globe enforcing their powers to ensure that data is protected from unauthorized access, processing and misuse. The resultant fines and subsequent reputational damage will affect even the largest, cash rich of organizations.

In light of this, the need for an effective, comprehensive DLP solution has never been greater.

Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Clearswift Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP) is the data and people centric solution to critical information protection. Unlike others, A-DLP is a non-disruptive solution which supports continuous collaboration, avoids business interruption and mitigates the risk of financial or reputational damage caused by the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data wherever it lives – at the endpoint, on premise or in the cloud. Learn more about DLP from Clearswift

Adaptive Redaction

Our unique and award winning technology provides a mechanism whereby the traditional ‘stop and block’ nature of Data Loss Prevention solutions can be overcome with the automatic removal of the exact content which breaks policy – leaving the rest of the communication to continue unhindered and avoiding the delay of valid business communications. Learn more about Adaptive Redaction

Securing the Endpoint

Controlling where sensitive data resides and how it is used on endpoint devices assists organizations to manage information security, governance and compliance risks and identify control priorities. Learn more about our solution