Adaptive Redaction

In today’s connected world, delayed communication means delayed business. Adaptive Redaction is a unique and award winning technology for the proactive approach to critical information protection, preventing sensitive data inadvertently being shared outside or within an organization as well as mitigating inbound targeted attacks.

The cornerstone of an Adaptive Data Loss Prevention solution, Adaptive Redaction provides a mechanism whereby the traditional ‘stop and block’ nature of Data Loss Prevention solutions can be overcome with the automatic removal of the exact content which breaks policy – leaving the rest of the communication to continue unhindered and avoiding the delay of valid business communications.

A quick intro to Adaptive Redaction...

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Adaptive Redaction can also remove potentially harmful active content from documents before they are opened by the user, enabling the secure flow of business. For many, the ever increasing challenge of receiving documents with embedded APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) can be easily overcome by removing active content from all received documents. The required information gets through unhindered, the malware is blocked.

Today, it is not just about information being sent outside a business that can open an organization up to information risk, receiving inappropriate information can also create problems. Adaptive Redaction is direction agnostic, meaning that policies can be applied equally well to incoming as well as outgoing communications.

This innovative and pro-active, bi directional approach to critical information protection protects the individual and the business from unauthorized information sharing, significantly reducing the number of outbound information breaches that the organization could experience.

Further information

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