Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway

Enhance your existing web security to go beyond basic filtering to protect against advanced malware attacks, data loss and information borne threats.

The SECURE ICAP Gateway easily integrates with your existing Blue Coat, F5 Networks and any other ICAP compatible infrastructure to add an unprecedented layer of advanced threat protection, data loss prevention and sanitization. Protecting your users and your corporate web servers, it significantly takes your security to the next level without having to rip and replace current infrastructure.

Full technical specification and product functionality can be found in our datasheet

Advanced Threat Protection

Protect against malware and ransomware threats by stripping out embedded triggers in downloads and HTML pages that are more frequently evading common virus protection and sandboxing technologies; while securing your reverse proxy configuration to prevent malicious content upload and attacks on your web servers (i.e. SQL injections, XSS, etc.).

Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP)

A quick and simple way to add the industry’s game-changing data loss prevention technology for web, social media and cloud sharing. Redact the information that breaks policy and compliance regulations, while allowing the rest of the business activity to continue without disruption and false positives. 

Phishing & information harvesting prevention

Automate the sanitization and removal of hidden metadata (author, username, server names, etc.) and personal information that can be harvested and used for targeted phishing attacks. Including documents posted on your own corporate website or stored in cloud collaboration or storage services. 

Cost-effective upgrade to web security

Often 2 to 3 times less expensive than the high-price tag and extensive service fees associated with standalone advanced threat protection and legacy DLP.

Regulatory and data compliance

Stay compliant with multi-language editable compliance dictionaries including GLBA, HIPAA, SEC, SOX, PCI and PII to minimize risks. Secure information aligned to Japan’s MyNumber and EU General Data Protection Regulation guidelines. 

Integration validation and alliance support

Thorough testing and validation performed through key alliances with F5 Networks, Blue Coat and Linoma Software.