Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway

The Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway (SWG) goes beyond advance filtering and hygiene to provide an unprecedented layer of threat detection and sanitization for your dynamic web, social and cloud experience.

Full technical specification and product functionality can be found in our datasheet

Filtering & content inspection

Take complete and granular control over what your users access or share online. Flexible, policy-based filtering and content aware inspection extends beyond limiting recreational browsing, to view inside encrypted traffic preventing phishing and malware attacks, and sensitive data leaks.

Advanced Threat Protection

Protect against ever morphing malware and ransomware threats that bypass traditional AV hygiene and sandboxing technologies with Advanced Threat Protection from Clearswift. Add a more effective layer of structural sanitization that removes malicious triggers hidden in websites or downloads. 

Phishing & information harvesting prevention

Stop phishing expeditions from harvesting easily accessed information hidden in document metadata (author, login, department, system names, etc.) found readily available within your website, social media, and cloud collaboration tools. 

Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP)

A-DLP detects and redacts only sensitive or inappropriate information, allowing the rest of the web, social or cloud activity to continue unhindered. Non-disruptive critical information protection without complexity and false positives.

Cloud security

Gain complete visibility to what information is being stored or downloaded from cloud collaboration tools and storage (i.e. Office 365, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). Bi-directional tracking and sanitization will prevent the loss of critical information or inviting unwanted cyber-attacks. Detect the use of cloud apps and tools secretly adopted by users through “Shadow IT.”

Securing social media

Enable risk-free social media communications – recognize the difference between an innocent Tweet and a potentially damaging one, allow access to legitimate YouTube content and channels, while turning off granular Facebook features. 

Mobile & remote user protection

Protection that follows the user. Encrypt traffic, control online access and sanitize all information being shared whether your users are working from home or in a coffee shop. Protect your corporate assets by enforcing a security policy for users’ mobile devices.