Augmenting existing security infrastructure

Today, all organizations have information security technology in place, but much of it is centered on ‘traditional’ security applications. However, threats have evolved as has data protection legislation and organizations are being forced to reassess their information security strategy. Ransomware and advanced persistent threats are becoming increasingly commonplace. Threats are now cleverly ‘hidden’ in innocuous documents which are then targeted at individuals in organizations – and when opened, the malware is activated and the infection begins.

While new technology exists to mitigate against this next generation of threats and aid compliance, many organizations have investment in existing security solutions, so a ‘rip-and-replace’ strategy is not an option. Clearswift enables organizations to augment existing security infrastructure rather than replacing it, which effectively ‘enhances’ infrastructure already in place with additional threat protection and data loss prevention features. Read on to find out how Clearswift can augment your existing security solution.

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